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Two Propped Takes on Bhujapidasana, Shoulder-Pressing Pose

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

By Allison Ray Jeraci

Photo by Andrea Killam

Yoga International

Bhujapidasana,“arm-pressure” or "shoulder-pressing” pose, is wonderful for building strength in the wrists and shoulders as well as creating a deep stretch in the hips and back. It's also a less fear-inducing arm balance than, say,bakasana(crane pose), in which you have to send your weight so far forward that you may worry about bumping your noggin—if you are going to fall in bhujapidasana, you will probably land on your bum.

I've found bhujapidasana to be an exhilarating, simple, yet complex arm balance that intrigues students. But perhaps because its shape is quite different from other arm balances, it can also seem a bit intimidating. Personally, I've stayed away from this one in the past because I have a sensitive tailbone and it doesn't take too kindly to falls. However, these two propped versions provide enough support to explore this posture with less possibility of falling backward.

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