Teacher Training is Over ... Now What? 4 Tips for Recent Yoga Teacher Training Graduates

Updated: Mar 3

By Allison Ray (Schleck) Jeraci

Ending a yoga teacher training program is bittersweet. In trainings, you meet incredible individuals who are interested in the same material you are. Kindred spirits who are willing to talk to you about Trikonasana for two hours are not so familiar outside the yoga world. You study under great teachers who share their knowledge and passion for teaching yoga with you. Without a doubt, you learn a great deal about yourself in the process of deepening your knowledge of the art of yoga.

The tricky part is that after your program is finished, there are no more long days of intense yoga study. That wonderful, united group of teacher trainees has slowly started to scatter, and you aren’t quite sure where to begin with all of this newly gained information.

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