Refine Your Yoga Practice: 3 Unique Ways to Prop Revolved Triangle Pose

Updated: Mar 3

By Allison Ray (Schleck) Jeraci

Parivrtta Trikonasana (Revolved Triangle Pose) exhibits a high degree of finesse when executed well. It is a seemingly straightforward standing pose, but while practicing it, one’s awareness is utterly consumed by effort and attention to detail. The limbs are fully extended, the torso revolves while the spine lengthens, and balance is constantly tested.

Common pitfalls of this pose include losing balance, deactivating the muscles of the legs, and placing the hand down on the ground to touch the floor and thereby losing the ability to lengthen the torso and twist from the thoracic spine. The following propped versions of Revolved Trikonasana will help you to focus on refining this posture and give you a new perspective on how to practice it.

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