Deepen Your Practice: 8 Steps to a Powerful Home Practice

By Allison Ray (Schleck) Jeraci

Whether you are a dedicated yoga student or a yoga teacher, a home practice is essential to your yogic journey. On a very basic level, a home practice allows you to explore the avenues of yoga in which you are interested on a deeper level. A home yoga practice lets you work through any issues that plague you and helps you to rediscover yourself.

For serious yoga practitioners, all you may have to go on for a home practice is what you have learned in group classes. Yoga teachers who have completed a thorough teacher training program have an advantage, as they have the knowledge to put together various sequences and the resources to review from their teacher training manuals. However, these manuals are not all-inclusive and are mainly used as a launching blueprint to help newly trained teachers.

Another consideration is inspiration. Sometimes we question, “What am I going to work on in my home practice?” Yes! Even yoga teachers, just like the dedicated yogis, can step onto their mat and be stumped.

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